Quotes That Can Change The Way You Think

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m really into quotes. Here are some of my favorites that I’ve shared over there before that can really make you think about things differently… Something I love about quotes is that they can mean different things and evoke different feelings for different people so my little summaries of them are just my interpretation and thoughts.

Life is simple yet we make it complicated. We get anxious over trying to make the perfect decision, picking the right choice, let it weigh on our minds for hours or days or months. Planning is of course good but too often we can find ourselves getting so worked up about things and trying to control every little aspect of a situation or we want to know every detail of something before we make a choice. But how often do we look back months or years later and realize just how insignificant our past problems were? I know I do quite often. No matter what choices we make, we’re all gonna die one day, so make choices with love, compassion, and understanding, for others and for yourself.

While anger is a natural emotion that we all feel, it’s best not to let it take over your life. Being angry itself is a punishment in a way. The more our life is consumed by negativity, the less of a life we will be living.

Learn to understand your anger. Where does it come from? And then find out what the best, most effective way to deal with the situation is. Without denying or ignoring my emotions, how can I find a way through these feelings?

Learn to accept and cherish where you are now. You can still strive to be better while knowing that where you are now is as much a part of the journey as the end is. Most of us spend so much time waiting for things to happen before we can enjoy life, love ourselves, be happy. We have to get that degree, start a family, or move to a different city.. and then that’s when things will start to get better. Every day we’re waiting, counting down the days, and then once we get what we want… well, then we want something else. and then once we get that we’ll be happy.

We end up spending 99% of our lives waiting when we would get so much more joy out of learning to be present and have gratitude for where we are right now, even if it’s not where we want to be.

I don’t consider myself to be a vengeful person but for some reason this has always been one of my favorite quotes. It makes you think about how the actions you direct at others always affect you as well. The resentment we have towards another for something they did to us affects us probably more than it does them. The anger that leads us to want to get back at them takes up more of our time and energy than it does theirs.

To forgive does not mean to admit defeat or accept the other persons actions. Forgiveness is for ourselves, as we are often the ones that suffer most from our own hatred or anger toward another.

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There are a lot of things in life we can’t control and when certain things arise that we feel are hindering us from how we want to feel or what we want to do, we often label these things as negative and wish things would just go the way we want.

But it doesn’t always work that way… so drop your expectations for how life is suppose to go- and when something out of your control occurs, let it. Just see what happens when you do this once. I think it will allow for a more little bit more peace through situations which we usually make negative and difficult through our of expectations and stubbornness.

I love looking at the ‘negatives’ in life this way.. they may not be fun or desirable in the moment but if were aware that we can use every experience as a tool for awakening and growing- then we can gain a little more appreciation for every experience, good or bad. But if we let our circumstances be a way for us to pity ourselves or think that ‘bad’ experiences can’t produce any ‘good’ then we’re blocking ourselves from being able to learn from everything on our path. 

Every day, every person you meet, every circumstance... there are lessons to be learned.

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This is why we should do our best to have compassion (not pity or a sense of superiority) for everyone. When people do things that hurt us, we have to see that in most cases it’s because they’re hurting.

Anger and greed and dishonesty are not present when someone is happy or content, they come up when someone is suffering or not in a good place. So while you don’t have to excuse peoples actions, you can do your best to understand and forgive. 

Most of us are taught by our parents, culture, or peers that success looks a certain way. Make a lot of money, have a lot of nice things, be well known, etc. But you can have all those things and still be unhappy, feel like you’re lacking something in life, and wish for more. If you aren’t passionate about what you’re doing in life, it doesn’t matter how much money you make or what kind of status you have, it is never going to be fulfilling. And at the same time there are so many people in the world who have very little money are are virtually unimportant (in a world sense) and are very happy… very content.

Success is not about what you have, it’s about what you feel.

Why is it that we so easily pick ourselves apart in the mirror, telling ourselves that we are worthless, not deserving of love? We spend much of our lives trying to be someone, trying to be pretty, skinny, fit. Wanting to be noticed, valued. Living for the approval of others, we create a prison and lock ourselves away in it, because we think we are not good enough to be free. We think that in order to be liberated, we must meet certain standards. nice legs. hourglass figure. big butt. sculpted cheekbones. thick eyelashes. beautiful hair. 
But little do we know that eventually we will whittle away in this cell, because our expectations for ourselves are ever increasing, and we will never allow ourselves to open the door and walk free, even though it has always been unlocked.

It’s a lot easier to believe what feels good, what gives us hope, what eases our minds. We tell ourselves stories that we know aren’t true because its easier than admitting reality.

Personally I don’t feel this is a productive way to live. Life isn’t always smiles and sunshine. . . and we have to learn to accept that. Telling ourselves a story to make things easier will likely make things easier short term, but we’re not doing ourselves a favor by ignoring the harsh realities of the world. We need to experience them if we want to know how to better get through them in the future, otherwise we will just continue to lie to ourselves and not really get anywhere by doing so.

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But worry we always do. It’s almost like we subconsciously think the worrying about something in the future will stop it from happening or change the way it’s happens.

Now it’s important to recognize that there is a difference between preparation and worry/stress. If you have a speech you have to read in front of a lot of people, practicing your speech will help the situation, worrying about what people are gonna think of your speech will not.

So often we look to external things to fulfill us. Whether it be clothes, makeup, home decor items, the newest technology, or traveling. These things are rewarding and usually bring us short term feelings of excitement and pleasure, but in the long run, without a change in our internal state of being, we will never be able to experience a long term increase in how happy and fulfilling our lives are.

Happiness is the one thing we strive for most. Everything we do in life is rooted in our belief that it will bring happiness, to ourselves or others. So it’s important to be aware of what choices are actually going to bring us the contentment we are searching for.

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On a spiritual journey, it is easy to feel at war with your thoughts. You keep trying to get rid of them and they just keep coming back no matter what! I find myself feeling this way all the time but when I first saw this quote I really liked it because it’s a good reminder not to look at thoughts as negative but rather, when they come up, to examine them and see what we can learn from them.

If we’re lost in thought about a past event, maybe that can tell us that we have not let go of that event. So instead of attaching a label to our thoughts, we can examine what they might mean, and then return to awareness.

We can label cloudy days (physical or mental) immediately as bad or we can see what value they have the ability to bring into our lives if we change our perception of them.

Every experience you have can be a chance to learn and grow, if you let it. Negative can always be disguised as positive and positive can always be disguised as negative. Never assume that things are exactly the way they appear.

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When you’re a visitor to someone else’s house for the first time, do you walk all over their carpet in your dirty shoes? Do you go through their fridge and pantry and take out what you want? Do you throw your things on their floor and never pick them back up?

We are taught to have respect for other humans and their homes but we don’t treat the Earth the same way. While we are on this planet, is it our responsibility to take care of it. Not to act like it belongs to us so therefore we have the right to treat it as carelessly and ignorantly as we please. We all know change needs to occur but we don’t want to be the ones to do it. You can change that right now, just by changing your mindset and motivations in life. It all begins within.

We all have freedom of thought but how often do we actually use it? Many of our beliefs were taught to us by our parents, friends, religion, country etc from such a young age that we have never really questioned them.

It is so important to see that we all so easily follow what others say or do without questioning it for ourselves. In order to be truly ‘free thinkers’ we have to question our beliefs, ideas, traditions. Why do we do what we do? Why do we believe what we believe?

I think this can be a really important reminder for a lot of people, including myself, when we’re over-complicating life to the max and trying to figure everything out as if our minds could possibly comprehend the meaning behind our existence. One should not need an elaborate meaning to be able to :

1. Be happy + enjoy life and

2. Do good things to lessen the suffering of others

That’s why, in a sense, it’s a waste of time to try to figure out the universe- where does it get you? But at the same time, it’s fun to wonder and come up with theories and all that stuff, just don’t let it get too serious.

What else could our beings be made of besides the universe? Where else could our consciousness come from other than the cosmos above? We are born from ocean of emptiness and are a small part that gets to experience somethingness, found our way into existence in place that is 95% nothing, in ethereal bodies that are 99.999% empty space.

If what we are made of is the same as where we come from, then we are this celestial space that surrounds us. A part of its consciousness manifesting in human form.

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Whenever we shut down new or opposing ideas because they aren’t what we believe, what can we learn? This is what happens very often in religion, politics, diets, exercise, schooling, and really any kind of lifestyle or belief.

I think it’s important that we recognize that we all do this, neither you nor I are off the hook. But we can change this at any moment we choose. When you read or hear something that is different from your own beliefs, don’t block it out. See how you can learn from it. Do research, ask questions… You may still come to the conclusion that it is not something you consider to be true or right, but at least this time you took the initiative to discover your answer through thinking about it for yourself!

I think a lot of people feel that being able to travel would free them from their problems. But as someone who has traveled for 4 months straight, I can tell you that no matter where you go, you take your problems with you. You might leave a couple behind, but they’ll be waiting for you when you come back.

The desire to travel can also make us forget to see the beauty in our everyday lives. The beauty around our own city. The beauty in our very existence. We’re so caught up in seeing amazing travel photos on instagram of people in Bali or Peru or dreaming about our next vacation that we neglect experiencing our own lives- where we are and when we are- and then we wonder why our lives are so dull in comparison to everyone else’s. Because we’re hardly even living it.

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And same for when someone makes a judgement about you. Do not let the harsh opinions of others affect you, what they say has nothing to do with the true nature of who you are but everything to do with their own suffering. How can they know you when they clearly don’t know themselves? The best way to respond is by doing what you can to help that person. If they are open, you can give them your love directly. If they are closed off, you can give your love through giving them space.

(Constructive criticism is different though. When someone gives advice in a caring manner, its best to try to see things from their perspective, and know that they are only trying to help.)

The best thing we can do for others, for animals, and for the planet, is to work on ourselves. Instead of trying to convince others to do what we’re doing and see things the way we see them, we would get much further by focusing on ourselves and leading by example.

Simply changing ourselves is making a change in the world. It might not seem like a big one, but small things you do can have major impacts on others without you even being aware of it.

We talk so much about having compassion for other people and animals but often it’s ourselves that we have the least amount of compassion for. Think of all the things you have said to yourself that you would never say to another human being.

“You’re ugly.”… “You’ll never succeed.”… “No one will ever like you.”

The way we speak to others matters immensely, but so does the way we speak to ourselves. So the next time we catch yourself putting yourself down for something, ask yourself if you would ever say that to another human and then if the answer is no, ask yourself then why you would ever say it to yourself.

A travel lifestyle is such a strong desire for so many people and can appear as some sort of path to happiness. While travel can certainly be life changing and a growth-inducing experience... you don’t need to go on some month long trip or fly to a foreign country to feel fulfilled.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that getting far away from where you live is going to fix all your problems and bring you everlasting peace and tranquility. Every lifestyle has road blocks and tough times. Traveling doesn’t eliminate that, and in some cases it can even increase it.

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. So many relationships nowadays, especially for my generation, are not about love, but rather attachment.

“What can this person do for me?” “How can they make me happy?”

Now I’m no love expert, but I know this doesn’t lead to healthy relationships. Approaching love for a person with the thought that “I want this to make me happy” doesn’t lead to a positive dynamic.