Low Waste Bathroom

I’m still very much experimenting with different ow waste bathroom products but I thought I’d share the things I’m currently using and how I like them. Some of these are not so much ‘low waste’ as just a bit more eco-friendly than other similar products, and all are vegan + cruelty free.

For soap, I’ve been using this bar (which can also be used for shampoo) from the brand Sunleaf for the past few months. I really like it for soap and kind of like it for shampoo but I have very oily hair and it’s a struggle to find a shampoo that keeps my hair from getting oily quickly. I don’t think I’ll continue to repurchase it though because I bought it back when I lived in Wisconsin and don’t know if ow where they sell it down here unfortunately. For shampoo, I’ve used Alba Botanica for years because it was one of the only vegan shampoos I could find back in WI. Their bottles are made of 100% recycled material so thats cool and I do really like the product but since I now live in a bigger city with more vegan shampoo options, I might try out others just to see how they compare.


I’ve been using Mrs. Meyer’s for hand soap, dish soap, and a multi surface cleaner and I think it’s a pretty awesome brand. I’m thinking after I use up the multi surface one I may try to make my own and put it the spray bottle to reuse that.

Soap on the other hand seems pretty hard to make low waste so I’ll probably just stick to buying what I am now. The bottle is made with at least 25% post-consumer plastic, 98% of the ingredients are naturally derived and they’re all biodegradable.


On the top shelf of my medicine cabinet I have my Parker safety razor + Shark blades (love them), Alba Botanica Reef Safe Sunscreen, my menstrual cup, and some old sleeves from a t-shirt that I cut off and use as rags, mostly for cleaning my sink, counter, and shower.


On the second shelf I have some aloe vera gel from my own aloe plant that I use for sunburns (which I get regularly hahah), my bamboo brush, and Tom’s deodorant.

Like the soap, I’ll probably try some new deodorants just to see how they compare but if I don’t find any that work better, Tom’s work perfectly fine for me! I’ve also tried making my own before and it sometimes doesn’t work as well but sometimes works better.. it’s weird.. but I also get rashes from it (likely from the baking soda I put in it) so I’ve decided I should stop making and using it.

On the bottom shelf I have some of my cloth pads, one from the brand Lunapads and the rest from Hannahpads, love and would recommend both. I also recently tried out Lush tooth tabs and they’re cool aside from the fact that they’re probably 3x as expensive as regular toothpaste. If they weren’t so spendy I’d be a lot more inclined to repurchase them once I’m out but I’m really not sure if I will or not… but before I picked those up I’d been using Tom’s which isn’t exactly low waste but it’s a more natural option.

I have bamboo toothbrushes from Sprml and Organic Basics and use Eco Dent Vegan floss.


Since I’ve been in San Antonio, I’ve been using toilet paper from the brand Who Gives A Crap. Honestly, it’s not very high quality toilet paper but I could care less, I’m not very picky when it comes to the quality of most of the stuff I use. But the tp comes in a box (I ordered online) and each roll is wrapped in paper which can be reused or recycled. The tp itself is made of 100% recycled paper and 50% of the the companys profits go to helping build toilets and improving sanitation in developing countries which is pretty awesome. But that also means it’s more expensive than regular toilet paper.

I’ve never purchased any other kind of eco toilet paper (or any tp at all for that matter, I’ve only ever bought the one box that I’m still going through) so I don’t know how it compares to them but it works good enough for my standards.


…and I just bought a bidet! So it doesn’t matter anyways hahah. (If you don’t know what a bidet is, it’s like a little water gun you spray yourself with in place of tp, sounds fun right?)

I had been wanting to try one out for a while but, while this may surprise some of you who’ve seen my van build video, I don’t have much confidence in my handyman (or woman I guess) skills. And I never did anything related to plumbing in the van so the fact that I would have to deal with tubes that water runs through scared me because I could just picture the scenario where I do something wrong and all of a sudden water is squirting out everywhere and I don’t know how to make it stop.

Anyways, I was at Home Depot the other day and saw one for $40 and decided I’d pick it up and face my fears.


Long story short, I ended up going back to Home Depot 2 more times that night to get buy tools because I did things wrong but eventually I hooked it all up successfully with no leakage and it just looks so beautiful on my toilet (which is also a low-flow so that’s pretty cool).

Since I still have over 30 rolls of my tp, I have plenty of time to get use to spraying my vagina with cold water multiple times a day. I’ve only used it a few times but already it’s a lot better than the first time I tried it. After every use you’re suppose to turn that little lever in the picture to stop the water flow from going into the bidet, kind of like turning on and shutting off a hose, and I’m kinda worried that I’ll likely forget to do that at some point and it’ll cause a problem, but other than those 2 things I’m looking forward to using it and I’m pretty proud of myself for hooking it up correctly (it did take me literally 4 hours though- no joke, and I called my parents about 8 times hah).

So those are all the things I use in my bathroom that are low waste or eco friendly in one way or another. I think it’s nice to hear about what others are using but also know that these products are not perfectly sustainable items and also know that it’s okay if you aren’t using as many sustainable items as me or anyone else. Depending on where you live and how much you can spend on certain items, you might not be able to purchase toothpaste tabs or afford Gives A Crap tp. In that case, focus on things that you can find online or might cost more upfront but will save money in the long run, like a safety razor or cloth pads. Also don’t get rid of things you’re using right now just because they aren’t sustainable. Finish up the cleaning products or continue to use the plastic comb you have and then when you need to buy new versions of those things, try to find a more sustainable option in your budget!