Here are a list of all the books I've read that are all about life and happiness and personal/spiritual growth and wanted to share because they're all pretty awesome! I also have book review videos on my yt channel for some of them which I will link where applicable, otherwise you can check out my 'cool books' playlist right here where you can find all of them. I will update this page as frequently as possible each time I read another book :) You can click each books image to purchase it on Amazon.

And lastly I want to apologize because some of them I read so long ago and can't remember much about them but I still wanted to share them because what I do remember is how much they benefitted me at the time I read them!

Daring Greatly

By brene brown

This is one of the first 'self-help' books I read so I hardly remember it but would love to reread it. In one word, this book is about: vulnerability. It's perfect for teens, young adults, and parents, guys, girls- doesn't matter, this book can hep you to put yourself out there and go out of your comfort zone. Definitely going to reread this one day.

Big Magic

by elizabeth gilbert

I read this book either right before or right after Daring Greatly and therefore can't remember much of it either. But it is also about vulnerability, letting your creativity flow without fear of judgement. As you can see from the image, Elizabeth Gilbert is also the author of the very popular book, Eat Pray Love, and she talks a lot about her experience with vulnerability in the creation of that book. If you're a creator of any sort of artistic content (music, books, videos, etc) or are striving to embody your more creative side- you must read this.

The power of now

by EcKHART tolle

I read this book at the same time as the previous 2, it went way over my head (but still changed my life), then about 2 years later read it again and it is by far the best, most life changing book I have ever read. It has probably taught me more about life than any other single source I can think of and even though it can be somewhat difficult to understand- I think everyone needs to read this book. It's all about living in the present moment to put it simply and I do have a video review on it with another book further down the list by the same author so check that out for a more in depth summary of it.

The untethered soul

by Michael a. singer

This is another amazing book that I will be rereading in the future. It's about helping on find inner peace through surrendering to what is. Mindfulness, inner energy, and awareness of thoughts and emotions are some of the main topics of this book and again, this book is great for anyone to read.

Buddhism for beginners

by thubten chodron

For anyone who is interested in Buddhism but has absolutely zero prior knowledge to basically anything about the religion and philosophy of it, this is a perfect book for learning the basics. You don't have to want to become a Buddhist to read it, you just have to  have a desire to discover the life changing teachings of other religions in the world. 

be here now

by ram dass

One of the most beautiful books ever written. Begins with a brief story of the authors life and ends with a manual on yogic and spiritual living but the middle section of the book is the part that will blow your mind. I'm not sure how to describe it but it's not really a book, it's simply a piece of art. Here are some images to better describe that part of the book (x, x, x). 

Video review here.

meditation for beginners

by jack kornfield

This is the first book I've ever read on meditation and I'm really glad it was because it was perfect for someone like me who had never really known how to do it. I'd tried a few guided meditation videos online but none of them worked as well for me as this book. There are 8 different types of meditations or focuses for each session that the author talks about and it comes with a audio CD of guided meditations for each chapter/category which include: Working with sensations in the body, Working with feelings and emotions, witnessing your thoughts, forgiveness meditation, loving kindness mediation, etc.

Stillness in mind

by simon cole

This is a book that I've read recently enough at the time of writing this that I should be able to remember it but I honestly had a hard time making sense of some of the terms and wording of certain phrases so I sped through the book and cannot recall basically any of it. But I thought I would put it in here because different books help different people more than others so I highly recommend maybe checking this book out if you are looking for a book on mindfulness without all the eastern ideology and terminology in it!

farenheit 451

by ray bradbury

This is a fiction book than takes place in a future where books are banned and people live vicariously through these huge TV-type things that cover 3 to 4 walls in certain rooms of their homes. People hardly talk in person and, like I said, basically live their lives through those TV's that are a little bit like FaceTime. The main character is a fireman (in this world, firemen do not save houses from fire, they burn down houses that are suspected to have banned literature in them) and he meets this very eccentric girl who is different from everybody else and opens up a whole new world to him. 

life ahead

by jiddu krishnamurti

If you are in middle school, high school, or college- this is a book that you need to read. I'd recommend it to anyone but if you are currently in some sort of education program, do yourself one of the biggest favors ever and pick up this book. From teachings Krishnamurti gave in India (in the 60's i believe) to students, the book is set up in a question answer format. If you're looking for meaning in your life and/or have no idea what you want to do with your life, i think this is a really good read that can help you figure out what you want to don't want to do with your life as well as how to learn to think for yourself!!

Video review here.

A New Earth

by EcKHART tolle

I read this book right after the second time I read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and it's kind of like an extension of that book in my opinion. They both talk about the same ideas and practices- this one seemed a little bit more comprehendible for me but that also may be because I read it after reading The Power of Now twice but I would still recommend reading it after that book. Either way, read both of them and your life will never be the same!

Video review here.

the alchemist

by paulo coelho

This is a fictional story of an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago who has a dream that there is some secret treasure near the Great Pyramids of Giza and decides to make the journey there to find it. Along the way, he comes across a gypsy, a king, and an alchemist- all of whom impact his journey. What begins as a journey to find an external treasure turns into a an inner journey of fulfilling his Personal Legend (destiny) and finding a greater treasure within. It's one of the easier reads on this list and one of my few complaints is that I wish it was a lot longer! 

Video Review here.

the four agreements

by don miguel ruiz

A very simple book based on Toltec wisdom. This is a short read with very basic principles so if you are just a beginner to your spiritual/personal growth journey, this is a perfect book for you. The 4 agreements (basically just things that you should do if you are looking for personal freedom) are: 

  1. Be impeccable with your word

  2. Don't take anything personally

  3. Don't make assumptions

  4. Always do your best

Video review here.



by daniel quinn

A very unique fiction book about a man who sees an add in the paper that reads:


Must have an earnest desire to save the world. Apply in person.

...and decides to find this teacher. Throughout the time him and this unique teacher spend talking through many problems that the world is facing, not only does the narrator's view on mankind change, but so does the readers. The book talks a lot about 2 different types of people we see in the world and what makes them different- it offers a really unique perspective on why humans have come to the place we currently are.

Video review here.

How Can I Help?

Ram Dass & Paul Gorman

This book will change the entire way you look at helping others and honestly life as a whole. If being of service to people is something that you value and make a priority in your life (or want to), this book will help make that so much more effective. Not only does it teach how to be compassionate to others but it also touches on things that help with our own suffering. You don't have to know anyone who has a serious illness or be a war vet for this book to have a deep impact on your life, because much of it helps with just everyday interactions and relationships. 

It's laid out in a format where there is a story of someones experiences and then the authors reflect on that and support it with great wisdom. The blandness of the cover might turn you away but it truly is a beautiful book that i think everyone would benefit from reading.

Video review here.

The Seat of the Soul

Gary Zukav

This is the first book on this page that I didn’t really like. There’s a lot of stuff in here about reincarnation, karma, choosing one’s life and experiences before birth, really just a bunch of stuff that is truly impossible for humans to know and he doesn’t explain or give evidence for anything he talks about- which is kind of important when you’re making pseudoscientific claims that our souls get together in a little pack before our birth and plan out what kinds of joys and sorrows we’re gonna experience is our 756th incarnation.

There’s many good teachings in here as well though about external power and why its not important and how to have authentic relationships- but the underlying message of the whole thing makes each piece of advice seem a bit based in some made up fantasy world. There are many other books out there that provide similar information about how to lead a good life that don’t include nearly as much pseudoscience,a nd I’d recommend reading those instead.