Here is a list of some amazing documentaries I've watched and recommend! If you have any recommendations for me, please let me know :) 


This one isn't a documentary but rather a short animated film about humans relationship over time with Earth that has over 30 million views.

It makes you really think about all the things we've done to the planet in the short time we've been here and how we use everything we can for personal gain without taking into consideration how it affects other people, animals, or the planet itself.. and at the end of the day- as a society- we're so proud of what we've done even though we've destroyed so much. 

The Lie we Live

This isn't a documentary either but I had to include it in here because it is still extremely transformational.

This video (which has been viewed over 35 million times) will either just make you think about your life, reconsider choices you make on a daily basis, or make you have a full blown existential crisis.

It really is one of the most powerful videos I've ever watched, and one that I've actually watched multiple time because of how good it is.

The true cost

When we purchase clothing, we often only think about how much it costs and what it looks like but never take into consideration how the clothing was made, how much the workers are paid, what kind of conditions they work in, whether or not the practices the manufacturers take part in are ethical and promote health for the workers, customers, and people living in the area the clothing is produced.

If you're use to buying clothing from places like H&M or Forever 21 because they have cheap clothing, this doc will really help open your eyes to how they're able to sell their clothes that inexpensively.

It's a very sad but absolutely necessary video for honestly anyone who wears clothes to watch. We need to start thinking about what kind of world we are supporting by how we spend our money.

Amongst white clouds

This is a beautifully peaceful documentary about a guy who goes to visit Buddhist monks and masters (and one nun!) who live in the mountains in China. You get to see what they do throughout the day, how they live, and best of all learn a little bit of wisdom from each of them. 

Some of the monks haven't left the mountain in decades and it is very interesting to see what they have to do to get water up there or hear their stories of how they got to where they are physically and spiritually.

If you are at all interested in Eastern religion, you would definitely enjoy this. 

The Grounded

I went into this documentary not having a single clue what it was about or if I would even be interested in it but by the end I was in tears, which lasted for a good few minutes. What it's about is the connection that humans have with Earth, mainly through our feet. You know that amazing feeling you get where you're walking barefoot through sand or grass or dirt or.. really anywhere!? That's what it's about. 

Most people, for most of our lives, don't often go outside barefoot- we're always wearing shoes, disconnecting us from the ground, but this documentary shows that that could actually be harming our health! Studies are conducted and the results show that "grounding", as it is called, might actually bring positive health benefits even to those who have dealt with health problems for years! 

It is really an incredible documentary, that not only shows the science behind being barefoot, but also one that can help inspire you to reconnect with the Earth!


This documentary can only be explained as one big mindf*ck. There are 3 parts in it:

The Greatest Story Ever Told: This part explains how the origins of Christianity are unbelievably similar to astrology and other ancient religions. You begin to see that many of the stories and people of the Bible are almost plagiarized from other mythological stories and that much of the information in the scriptures lines up perfectly with astrology.

All The Worlds a Stage: Part two lays out a massive amount of evidence to support the possibility that 9/11 was conducted by the US government in order to "manipulate public perception into supporting its agenda" against terrorism.  

Don't Mind the Men Behind the Curtain: The final part of this doc is about money and how the central banking system is flawed by design and also how the US government will go to extremes to get the country involved in a war because it is a big money maker.

I have read that there are inaccuracies in the documentary (so don’t just believe everything in the doc without researching it yourself), but I think overall what I love about it is it just makes you question a lot of things.